how to buy memag token

Memag is constructing an ingenious video gaming guild community that will host a wide variety of play-and-earn video games. Each video game will be readily available to use iOS and Android mobile phones. From a financial investment viewpoint, ought to the job remove in 2023, the upside capacity might be appealing – specifically for those getting direct exposure throughout the presale. Phase one of the presale is priced at simply 0.007 USDT, compared to the preliminary exchange listing of 0.023 USDT. Memag tokens are now available to buy on and Uniswap.What is the price of Memag? Memag tokens are currently trading at around $0.02 at the time of writing.Is Memag a good investment?

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

More pertinently – the MEMAG community will have access to a huge portfolio of cutting-edge games that all follow the play-and-earn concept. The Memag presale is presently in phase one and as such, this uses the most affordable cost point possible at 0.007 USDT. Phase 2 will begin when $1.6 million USDT has actually been raised and this will increase the cost to 0.01 USDT. After the presale, Memag will be noted on crypto exchanges at 0.023 USDT. Memag sits at the heart of the job’s community and this will be traded on both decentralized and centralized exchanges once the presale concludes.

Step 3: Transfer ETH/USDT to MetaMask

So, if you are a Twitch streamer with Meta Masters Guild, you have a way to compound your twitch earnings. That complementary earning window will push the value of this token even further. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong. By making a purchase today during stage one, the lowest price possible of $0.007 can be secured. Type the amount in – ensuring that there are enough ETH or USDT tokens in MetaMask to complete the sale. Investors with at least $150 worth of MEMAG can claim up to 24 entries into the giveaway at no extra cost.

Is Meta Masters Guild a Good Token To Invest in?

The other option is to buy Ethereum via the Memag presale dashboard with a debit/credit card. The payment will be handled by a third-party processor and fees will likely amount to 3-5%. For an even smoother financial investment experience, think about downloading the MetaMask web browser extension – which is supported by Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. One final confirmation via MetaMask is necessary after the purchase has been confirmed. To confirm the MEMAG pre-sale order, open your MetaMask wallet once more. Finally, individuals seeking the most promising cryptocurrencies may wish to investigate the MEMAG presale campaign before it ends.

  1. We likewise use some insight into the Memag job so that financiers can make a notified choice on the possibility of its play-and-earn principle.
  2. Meta Masters Guild takes a different approach with its mobile-centric Web 3 gaming guild.
  3. And it doesn’t help that most of these gaming companies that are raking in billions of dollars every year don’t pay attention to player feedback.
  4. Once $1.6 million USDT has actually been raised, the Memag presale will move into phase 2.

Now that we have actually described how to purchase Memag tokens through its much-anticipated presale launch, we can now dive a bit deeper into the job itself. This will allow financiers to have a 360-degree introduction of what Memag is seeking to attain in both the brief and long term. Then head over to the crypto exchange that is holding the Ethereum tokens.

how to buy memag token

In contrast, the play-to-earn mentality is predicated almost entirely on financial gain, which is an untenable principle to uphold over time. For those who are unaware, this means that MEMAG will act as a go-between for players and creators of video games. “There is a fundamental flaw in the concept of Play-to-Earn,” – say the developers of Meta Masters Guild. When all players play only to seek profit, the profits generated have to be divided among multiple people – which reduces the scale of rewards and damages the sustainability of the ecosystem. That is why Meta Masters Guild aims to provide genuinely high-quality games that people don’t just play to earn but for fun. Devs are extremely upfront that they want players to be willing to spend money on games, which they will only do if games are fun to play.

This means that in theory, the initial $2,000 investment – which yielded 285,000 MEMAG, is now worth $2,840. Now let’s fast forward to the expected exchange listing price of $0.023. In turn, this means that newly launched projects will only have the capacity to design and launch one game. In full recognition of this shortcoming, MEMAG has opted to become a decentralized gaming guild rather than an in-house developer.

The first aspect of MEMAG that we like is that it is improving on the current play-to-earn concept. There is no denying that play-to-earn games will play a major role in the future of web 3.0. Based on an approximate cost of $0.007 in phase among the presale, this totals up to simply over 21,000 Memag tokens. Another reason that financiers may choose to purchase Memag tokens is that the community is set to use a staking function. From the viewpoint of gamers, this indicates that there will be a lot of alternatives when it pertains to picking a play-and-earn video game.

This allows users to grow their Memag allowance and consequently make passive earnings. Staking yields are yet to be revealed so this is something to watch on. The other choice is to purchase Ethereum through the Memag presale control panel with a debit/credit card. The payment will be managed by a third-party processor and charges will likely total up to 3-5%. Investors that have previous experience in crypto presale launches will likely understand the necessary actions to finish the purchase.

The aim here is for people to be attracted to MEMAG games for enjoyment and fun, rather than simply as a means to generate income. Once this goal is achieved, the MEMAG ecosystem will operate in a sustainable economic fashion. It is wise to avoid Memag price predictions developed by third-party analysts.

The Memag tokens will then be transferred into the very same MetaMask wallet that was utilized to make the financial investment. You can buy MEMAG tokens in advance of the main sale on the project’s website. Both Ethereum and Tether can be used to participate in the presale. For the most part, participants will link their MetaMask wallets to the MEMAG presale website in order to trade ETH/USDT tokens directly. Tokens for the MEMAG platform will be made available to backers following the conclusion of the presale. Once the presale is over, MEMAG, the project’s core cryptocurrency, will be sold on both decentralized and centralized platforms.

Read more about the NFT project side of MEMAG in our Meta Masters Guild review. Those that made a purchase from an exchange can now request how is materiality determined a withdrawal. This wallet can be installed via a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, in addition to an iOS/Android app.